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While Entertaining Volume 4

While Entertaining Volume 4


WE Magazine Vol. 4 is a collection of stories and recipes that dive into “home” as a place, a concept, a person, an experience, and of course, as a taste.

Food is personal, and food at home is even more personal. Through this edition, chefs take us through conversations about how they grew up, where their family is from, and how they define “home.” For many of us, our earliest food memories are at home. Our favorite gatherings have been at our homes (or someone else’s home). To talk about home is to talk about the origins of our relationships with food.

In putting together Volume Four, we hoped this edition would capture home as a place, a time, a feeling, and a memory. And we hope this edition will inspire you to think about the role of home and food in your life.

Issue Highlights: The 60-page print edition includes 12 editorial pieces, 11 recipes, a playlist for every recipe, pairing tips, hostess tips, and conversation starters.

Featured Foodies: Amethyst Ganaway, Christian Hunter, Deesha Dyer, Erick Williams, Fried Chicken & Caviar,  Kristi Brown, Leigh-Ann Martin, Omar Tate, Riaz Phillips, Seth Brundle, Simeon Hall, Vallery Lomas, and Zwann Grays

Recipe HighlightsAckee + Spinach, Hot Water Cornbread, Friday Bread, Diaspora Pasta, Blueberry Buckle, Cast Iron Paella, and more!