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Event Recordings

6/1/22 A Year at Catbird Cottage with Melina Hammer and Julia Turshen

5/12/22 Snackable Bakes with Jessie Sheehan and Eric Kim

5/7/22 The Sweetness of Doing Nothing with Sophie Minchilli and Evan Kleiman

4/27/22 Fabulous Modern Cookies with Chris Taylor, Paul Arguin and Jessie Sheehan

3/19/22 Bagels, Schmears, and a Nice Piece of Fish - Bagel Making Demo with Cathy Barrow 

3/4/22 RE:Her Women in Food Embracing the Irresistibility of LA: Tejal Rao and Six Vibrant Restaurateurs 

2/17/22 The Red Boat Fish Sauce Cookbook with Tien Nguyen, Diep Tran, and Meghan McCarron

1/26/22 Bread Book Panel Discussion with Chad Robertson, Jennifer Latham, Glenn Roberts and Kevin Morse

1/18/22 Unbelievably Vegan with Charity Morgan and Joanne Lee Molinaro

12/12/21 The Joy of Pizza with Dan Richer and Katie Parla

12/8/21 Mumbai Modern with Amisha Gurbani and Nisha Vora

11/30/21 Gastro Obscura with Cecily Wong, Dylan Thuras and Nik Sharma

11/17/21 New Native Kitchen with Freddie Bitsoie and Evan Kleiman

11/17/21 Grains for Every Season with Joshua McFadden and Christine Muhlke

11/14/21 Cheryl Day's Treasury of Southern Baking with Cheryl Day and Nicole Rucker

11/13/21 Claudia Roden's Mediterranean with Claudia Roden and Evan Kleiman

11/10/21 Ready, Set, Cook with Dawn Perry and Ben Mims

11/3/21 Sandor Katz's Fermentation Journeys with Sandor Katz and David Zilber

11/1/21 Grist with Abra Berens and Khushbu Shah

10/30/21 Cannelle et Vanille Bakes Simple with Aran Goyoaga and David Lebovitz

10/27/21 Pasta with Missy Robbins, Talia Baiocchi and Jeff Gordinier

10/20/21 Bourdain with Laurie Woolever and B.J. Novak

10/19/21 Mooncakes & Milk Bread with Kristina Cho and Genevieve Ko

10/16/21 Baking with Dorie with Dorie Greenspan and Evan Kleiman

10/13/21 The Korean Vegan Cookbook with Joanne Lee Molinaro and Mina Park

9/20/21 Take One Fish with Josh Niland and Carla Lalli Music

9/15/21 Lemon, Love & Olive Oil with Mina Stone and Kerry Diamond

9/12/21 Life Is What You Bake It with Vallery Lomas and Cheryl Day

6/24/21 The Magic of Tinned Fish with Chris McDade and Stuart Brioza

6/17/21 Colombiana with Mariana Velásquez and Julia Sherman

6/17/21 At the Chinese Table with Carolyn Phillips and Esther Tsang

5/27/21 Bress 'n' Nyam with Matthew Raiford, Amy Paige Condon and Thérèse Nelson

5/23/21 Mandalay with MiMi Aye and Jessie Nicely

5/22/21 Chasing Smoke with Sarit Packer, Itamar Srulovich and Burt Bakman

5/16/21 Vibrant Botanicals with Jennifer McGruther and Lauri Kranz

5/16/21 Asian Green with Ching-He Huang and Joe Yonan

5/15/21 Everyone's Table with Gregory Gourdet and Mei Lin

5/13/21 Rodney Scott's World of BBQ with Rodney Scott, Lolis Eric Elie and Thérèse Nelson

5/8/21 Ripe Figs with Yasmin Khan and Nik Sharma

5/3/21 Getaway with Renee Erickson, David Lebovitz and Brad Thomas Parsons

5/2/21 The Chef's Garden with Farmer Lee Jones and Maneet Chauhan

5/1/21 Black Smoke with Adrian Miller and Lolis Eric Elie 

4/29/21 Dream First, Details Later with Ellen Marie Bennett and Evan Funke

4/27/21 Cook this Book with Molly Baz and Nyesha Arrington

4/25/21 Mother Grains with Roxanna Jullapat and Na Young Ma

4/25/21 Torta della Nonna with Emiko Davies and Kristina Gill

4/24/21 To Asia With Love with Hetty McKinnon and Helen Goh

4/18/21 Mister Jiu's in Chinatown with Brandon Jew, Tienlon Ho and Mei Lin

4/15/21 Mezcal & Tequila with Robert Simonson and Ivy Mix

4/11/21 Zoë Bakes Cakes with Zoë François and Valerie Gordon 

4/11/21 À Table with Rebekah Peppler and Melissa Clark

4/10/21 Max's Picnic Book with Max Halley and Zach Brooks 

4/6/21 Sweet Laurel Savory with Laurel Gallucci, Claire Thomas and Mamrie Hart

3/30/21 Cook Real Hawai'i with Sheldon Simeon, Garrett Snyder and Elise Inamine 

3/29/21 At Home in the Kitchen with David Kinch and Devin Fuller and Jeremy Fox

3/28/21 Sumac with Anas Atassi and Anissa Helou

3/23/21 Eat this Book with Stacy Michelson and Andrea Nguyen

3/21/21 Cook the Mountain with Norbert Niederkofler and Matt Goulding

3/20/21 hot for food all day with Lauren Toyota and Nisha Vora

3/16/21 The Food of Oaxaca with Alejandro Ruiz and Javier Cabral

3/13/21 Noble Rot: Wine From Another Galaxy with Dan Keeling, Mark Andrew and Rajat Parr

3/6/21 Simply Julia with Julia Turshen and Nik Sharma

2/28/21 Milkier Pigs & Violet Gold with Bryan Koh and Now Serving

2/28/21 Black, White and The Grey with Mashama Bailey, John O. Morisano and Jeff Gordinier

2/27/21 Finding Fire with Lennox Hastie and Brian McGinn

2/20/21 My Shanghai with Betty Liu and Hetty McKinnon

1/29/21 RE:Her Stories Lived and Told Through African-American Food with Toni Tipton-Martin, editor of "Cook's Country" and author of "The Jemina Code" and "Jubilee," Kimberly Prince (Hotville Chicken), Celia Ward-Wallace (South LA Cafe) and Chef Marilyn (Chef Marilyn's, Queen of Down Home Southern Goodies). Moderated by Thrillist's LA Editor Danielle Dorsey.

1/28/21 RE:Her The Next Generation and Rewriting our Family Legacy with female restaurateurs who are now running their family restaurants and more. Featuring Christy Vega (Casa Vega), Vanda Asapahu (Ayara Thai), Sylvie Gabriele (Love and Salt) and hosted by Bricia Lopez (Guelaguetza).

1/21/21 RE:Her Women in Restaurants: Where We Were, Where We Are, Where We're Going with Evan Kleiman and Ruth Reichl.  Featuring the female restaurateurs of: Woodspoon (Natalia Pereira), Sage Vegan Bistro (Mollie Englehart), porridge + puffs (Minh Phan), Union (Marie Petulla), Tsubaki + OTOTO (Courtney Kaplan), Just What I Kneaded (Justine Hernandez).

12/12/20 A Good Bake with Melissa Weller and David Lebovitz

11/16/20 Dessert Person with Claire Saffitz and Nicole Rucker

11/12/20 The Best American Food Writing 2020 with J. Kenji López-Alt, Silvia Killingsworth, and Meghan McCarron

11/7/20 The Barbuto Cookbook with Jonathan Waxman and Evan Kleiman

11/1/20 Mastering Bread with Marc Vetri and Evan Funke

10/30/20 The New Rules of Cheese with Anne Saxelby and Lydia Clarke

10/29/20 Snacking Cakes with Yossy Arefi and Valerie Gordon 

10/28/20 The French Laundry, Per Se with Thomas Keller, David Breeden and Padma Lakshmi

10/27/20 The Flavor Equation with Nik Sharma and Samin Nosrat

10/26/20 The Pie Room with Calum Franklin and Evan Kleiman

10/21/20 How to Cook with Hugh Acheson and Nyesha Arrington

10/20/20 Baking at 20th Century Cafe with Michelle Polzine and Cheryl Day

10/19/20 Parwana with Durkhanai Ayubi and Evan Kleiman

10/18/20 Chi Spacca with Nancy Silverton and Ruth Reichl

10/18/20 Fermentation as Metaphor with Sandor Katz and David Zilber

10/17/20 Xi'an Famous Foods with Jason Wang and Khushbu Shah

10/17/20 Quick and Simple with Jacques Pépin and Sherry Yard

10/15/20 In Bibi's Kitchen with Hawa Hassan and Stephen Satterfield

10/14/20 Snacky Tunes with Greg and Darin Bresnitz and Jeff Gordinier

10/12/20 Eat a Peach with David Chang and Diep Tran

10/10/20 The Man Who Ate Too Much with John Birdsall and Ben Mims

10/9/20 Good Drinks with Julia Bainbridge and Jim Meehan

10/7/20 Chaat with Maneet Chauhan and Priya Krishna

10/4/20 The Good Book of Southern Baking with Kelly Fields and Cheryl Day

10/3/20 La Buvette: Recipes and Wine Notes from Paris with Camille Fourmont, Kate Leahy and Lindsey Tramuta

9/30/20 Matty Matheson: Home Style Cookery with Matty Matheson and Eric Wareheim

9/26/20 The Sourdough School: Sweet Baking with Vanessa Kimbell and Guy Frenkel

9/24/20 Aegean with Marianna Leivaditaki and Evan Kleiman

9/23/20 The Honeysuckle Cookbook with Dzung Lewis and Barrett Prendergast

9/19/20 The Art of Escapism Cooking with Mandy Lee and Mina Park

9/17/20 Good For You with Akhtar Nawab and Candice Kumai 

9/12/20 Carpathia with Irina Georgescu and Evan Kleiman

9/6/20 One Tin Bakes with Edd Kimber and Nicole Rucker 

9/1/20 Eating out Loud with Eden Grinshpan with Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich

8/26/20 Amboy with Alvin Cailan and Andrew Rea

8/10/20 The Flavor of Wood with Artur Cisar-Erlich and Evan Kleiman

8/6/20 Our Lady of Perpetual Hunger  with Lisa Donovan and Phyllis Grant

8/2/20 The New Parisienne  with Lindsey Tramuta and Evan Kleiman

7/26/20 Falastin with Sami Tamimi, Tara Wigley and Yasmin Khan

7/25/20 Arzak + Arzak with Elena Arzak and Matt Goulding

7/19/20 Koji Alchemy with Rich Shih, Jeremy Umansky and David Zilber

7/16/20 American Tacos with José R. Ralat and Javier Cabral 

7/15/20 Tasting Rome with Kristina Gill and Samin Nosrat 

7/12/20 Unvarnished with Eric Alperin, Deborah Stoll and Brad Thomas Parsons

7/12/20 Vegan JapanEasy with Tim Anderson and Hetty McKinnon

7/9/20 Feasting Wild with Gina Rae La Cerva and Evan Kleiman

6/30/20 Chicano Eats with Esteban Castillo and Javier Cabral

6/25/20 Drink What You Want with John deBary and Jim Meehan

6/17/20 Meals, Music and, Muses with Alexander Smalls and Genevieve Ko

6/1/20 Dishoom with Shamil Thakrar and Evan Kleiman

5/16/20 Perfectly Golden with Angela Garbacz and Nicole Rucker

5/15/20 Eat Something with Evan Bloom, Rachel Levin and Zach Brooks

5/12/20 All About Dinner with Molly Stevens and Gillian Ferguson

5/9/20 The Jewish Cookbook with Leah Koenig & Adeena Sussman

5/6/20 How to Dress an Egg with Ned Baldwin and Darin Bresnitz

5/3/20 La Vida Verde with Jocelyn Ramirez and Gillian Ferguson

5/2/20 Everything is Under Control with Phyllis Grant and Jeff Gordinier

4/29/20 What's Gaby Cooking: Eat What You Want with Gaby Dalkin and Ben Mims

4/27/20 Eating For Pleasure, People & Planet with Tom Hunt and Felicity Spector

4/22/20 Mosquito Supper Club with Melissa M. Martin and Jeff Gordinier

4/19/20 Cool Beans with Joe Yonan and Evan Kleiman

4/16/20 Dinner in French with Melissa Clark and Evan Kleiman

4/13/20 Everyone Can Bake with Dominique Ansel and Sherry Yard

4/11/20 Drinking French with David Lebovitz and Evan Kleiman 

4/7/20 Lummi Island Cooking with Blaine Wetzel and Darin Bresnitz 

3/31/20 How to Be a Conscious Eater with Sophie Egan & Amy Scattergood