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Event Recordings

12/12/20 A Good Bake with Melissa Weller and David Lebovitz

11/16/20 Dessert Person with Claire Saffitz and Nicole Rucker

11/12/20 The Best American Food Writing 2020 with J. Kenji López-Alt, Silvia Killingsworth, and Meghan McCarron

11/7/20 The Barbuto Cookbook with Jonathan Waxman and Evan Kleiman

11/1/20 Mastering Bread with Marc Vetri and Evan Funke

10/30/20 The New Rules of Cheese with Anne Saxelby and Lydia Clarke

10/29/20 Snacking Cakes with Yossy Arefi and Valerie Gordon 

10/28/20 The French Laundry, Per Se with Thomas Keller, David Breeden and Padma Lakshmi

10/27/20 The Flavor Equation with Nik Sharma and Samin Nosrat

10/26/20 The Pie Room with Calum Franklin and Evan Kleiman

10/21/20 How to Cook with Hugh Acheson and Nyesha Arrington

10/20/20 Baking at 20th Century Cafe with Michelle Polzine and Cheryl Day

10/19/20 Parwana with Durkhanai Ayubi and Evan Kleiman

10/18/20 Chi Spacca with Nancy Silverton and Ruth Reichl

10/18/20 Fermentation as Metaphor with Sandor Katz and David Zilber

10/17/20 Xi'an Famous Foods with Jason Wang and Khushbu Shah

10/17/20 Quick and Simple with Jacques Pépin and Sherry Yard

10/15/20 In Bibi's Kitchen with Hawa Hassan and Stephen Satterfield

10/14/20 Snacky Tunes with Greg and Darin Bresnitz and Jeff Gordinier

10/12/20 Eat a Peach with David Chang and Diep Tran

10/10/20 The Man Who Ate Too Much with John Birdsall and Ben Mims

10/9/20 Good Drinks with Julia Bainbridge and Jim Meehan

10/7/20 Chaat with Maneet Chauhan and Priya Krishna

10/4/20 The Good Book of Southern Baking with Kelly Fields and Cheryl Day

10/3/20 La Buvette: Recipes and Wine Notes from Paris with Camille Fourmont, Kate Leahy and Lindsey Tramuta

9/30/20 Matty Matheson: Home Style Cookery with Matty Matheson and Eric Wareheim

9/26/20 The Sourdough School: Sweet Baking with Vanessa Kimbell and Guy Frenkel

9/24/20 Aegean with Marianna Leivaditaki and Evan Kleiman

9/23/20 The Honeysuckle Cookbook with Dzung Lewis and Barrett Prendergast

9/19/20 The Art of Escapism Cooking with Mandy Lee and Mina Park

9/17/20 Good For You with Akhtar Nawab and Candice Kumai 

9/12/20 Carpathia with Irina Georgescu and Evan Kleiman

9/6/20 One Tin Bakes with Edd Kimber and Nicole Rucker 

9/1/20 Eating out Loud with Eden Grinshpan with Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich

8/26/20 Amboy with Alvin Cailan and Andrew Rea

8/10/20 The Flavor of Wood with Artur Cisar-Erlich and Evan Kleiman

8/6/20 Our Lady of Perpetual Hunger  with Lisa Donovan and Phyllis Grant

8/2/20 The New Parisienne  with Lindsey Tramuta and Evan Kleiman

7/26/20 Falastin with Sami Tamimi, Tara Wigley and Yasmin Khan

7/25/20 Arzak + Arzak with Elena Arzak and Matt Goulding

7/19/20 Koji Alchemy with Rich Shih, Jeremy Umansky and David Zilber

7/16/20 American Tacos with José R. Ralat and Javier Cabral 

7/15/20 Tasting Rome with Kristina Gill and Samin Nosrat 

7/12/20 Unvarnished with Eric Alperin, Deborah Stoll and Brad Thomas Parsons

7/12/20 Vegan JapanEasy with Tim Anderson and Hetty McKinnon

7/9/20 Feasting Wild with Gina Rae La Cerva and Evan Kleiman

6/30/20 Chicano Eats with Esteban Castillo and Javier Cabral

6/25/20 Drink What You Want with John deBary and Jim Meehan

6/17/20 Meals, Music and, Muses with Alexander Smalls and Genevieve Ko

6/1/20 Dishoom with Shamil Thakrar and Evan Kleiman

5/16/20 Perfectly Golden with Angela Garbacz and Nicole Rucker

5/15/20 Eat Something with Evan Bloom, Rachel Levin and Zach Brooks

5/12/20 All About Dinner with Molly Stevens and Gillian Ferguson

5/9/20 The Jewish Cookbook with Leah Koenig & Adeena Sussman

5/6/20 How to Dress an Egg with Ned Baldwin and Darin Bresnitz

5/3/20 La Vida Verde with Jocelyn Ramirez and Gillian Ferguson

5/2/20 Everything is Under Control with Phyllis Grant and Jeff Gordinier

4/29/20 What's Gaby Cooking: Eat What You Want with Gaby Dalkin and Ben Mims

4/27/20 Eating For Pleasure, People & Planet with Tom Hunt and Felicity Spector

4/22/20 Mosquito Supper Club with Melissa M. Martin and Jeff Gordinier

4/19/20 Cool Beans with Joe Yonan and Evan Kleiman

4/16/20 Dinner in French with Melissa Clark and Evan Kleiman

4/13/20 Everyone Can Bake with Dominique Ansel and Sherry Yard

4/11/20 Drinking French with David Lebovitz and Evan Kleiman 

4/7/20 Lummi Island Cooking with Blaine Wetzel and Darin Bresnitz 

3/31/20 How to Be a Conscious Eater with Sophie Egan & Amy Scattergood