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West Winds: Recipes, History and Tales from Jamaica (Riaz Phillips)

West Winds: Recipes, History and Tales from Jamaica (Riaz Phillips)


A beautiful cookbook that celebrates the wonderfully diverse flavors in Caribbean cooking with over 100 riveting recipes to try.

West Winds - a joyous celebration of Caribbean cooking, with a special focus on the sensational flavors of Jamaican cuisine. Winner of the Jane Grigson Trust Award 2022, the all-encompassing Caribbean cookbook West Winds introduces everyone, everywhere to the enriching and mouth-watering flavors that Jamaica has to offer.

Growing up in London and now living in Berlin, food writer Riaz Phillips is passionate about celebrating the familiar Caribbean food of his childhood while also demystifying new and unknown ingredients for home cooks from around the globe. With 120 traditional and delicious dishes that draw on Riaz’s personal memories, West Winds is so much more than a showcase of Jamaican
cooking, it is also rooted in the exploration of the island’s heritage and culture. Featuring colorful and sun-drenched imagery, and easy-to-follow instructions, the versatility of Jamaican cuisine is apparent.

Riaz blends authentic Jamaican ingredients and dishes with popular trends – discover recipes for nose-to-tail and vegan cooking. Why not also recreate popular takeaway food, Oxtail and Butterbean, or feel as though you’re on the beach with a Langoustine Soup. This cookbook has everything – main meals, sauces, soups, juices and preserves, bakes and desserts.

Explore the riveting recipes of this colorful cookbook to find: 

- A varied collection of 100 Caribbean easy-to-follow recipes written by Riaz Phillips
- Captivating recipe and travel photography
- Feature essays which capture the history and culture of the food

So whether you seek connection with your heritage, or you’re simply looking to expand your culinary repertoire, take a trip to Jamaica with
 West Winds, proving the ideal cookbook for those with an interest in Caribbean flavors, cooking and culture, or doubling up as the perfect gift for chefs who are looking to experiment with new flavors. Read it, cook from it, immerse yourself in it and more!