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The Long Loaf: Bread for All Days (Andrew Barton)

The Long Loaf: Bread for All Days (Andrew Barton)


A handbook for loose, intuitive, naturally leavened bread baking peppered with ponderings, ruminations, and romantic notions on the baking and consuming of bread as something one can and should do in our troubled world.

Revive your bread making practice, start or refine one, and enjoy reading about the topic in new ways. ‘The Long Loaf’ presents an approach to simplify and sustain!

Text, photographs, and book design by Andrew Barton.

The first release from NICKEL DINNER, the new culinary imprint of Two Plum Press. Offset printed on high quality paper stock in Portland, Oregon by Charles Overbeck (Eberhardt Press), who also bound and trimmed every book by hand.

160 pages. A limited printing.

A long loaf is a delight to bake and to eat. Making and baking bread at home this way is versatile – sometimes to be enjoyed slowly throughout the week, other times as a bounteous center of the table. The bread can be a celebration of old and new grains being grown and baked with intention, amplified by the extraordinary flavors to be found. The methods used are easier, more intuitive, and more adaptable than you might think. This book is an invitation to make bread for your own pleasure, to stimulate your senses through the experience, and to produce an ideal version of daily bread for your loved ones.