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Shopworn: Plantasia: A Vegetarian Cookbook Through Asia (Pamelia Chia)

Shopworn: Plantasia: A Vegetarian Cookbook Through Asia (Pamelia Chia)

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Shopworn copies are final sale and may display slight cosmetic damages such as dinged corners, torn dust jackets and dented spines.

Though vegetarianism and veganism are often thought of as fads from the West, they are, in fact, rooted in the way Asians have approached eating for centuries. It is clear that there is a deep well of wisdom in Asia on vegetable preparations that yield flavourful results. With 88 recipes inspired by Asia and 24 interviews with food artisans, chefs, and writers, Plantasia is a resource for not just vegans or vegetarians, but anyone who seeks to improve their relationship with greens. Its mission is to show that to eat plants is not to be deprived, but a celebration of all that nature has to offer.

 The book features perspectives & recipes from -

Andrea Nguyen, James Beard award-winning author

John Chatarasak, Chef & author of Kin Thai

Cathy Erway, James Beard & IACP award-winning author

... and 21 others.