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Shopworn: Fish Butchery: Mastering the Catch, Cut, and Craft (Josh Niland)

Shopworn: Fish Butchery: Mastering the Catch, Cut, and Craft (Josh Niland)

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Shopworn Copies are final sale and may display slight cosmetic damages such as dinged corners, torn dust jackets and dented spines.   

Josh Niland takes a deep dive into the practice and processes of Fish Butchery. 

James Beard award-winning author and culinary game-changer Josh Niland returns with the ultimate guide to the art of Fish Butchery, with expert techniques and groundbreaking recipes that are an urgent call for action on culinary sustainability. 
Josh’s multi award-winning debut The Whole Fish Cookbook created a new blueprint for fish cookery, while its bestselling sequel Take One Fish unpacked 15 different species to reveal their true gastronomic potential. In this latest book, Josh continues to open our eyes to the potential of fish in the kitchen. 

Presented in three stunning sections—Catch, Cut and Craft—it’s both a challenge to the food industry to do things differently and a dazzling manual to the eye-popping potential in each and every fish.

Featuring detailed instructions on how to prepare fish—from reverse butterfly to double saddle—as well as over 40 brilliant recipes for everything from fish sticks to pies, sausage and chorizo, Fish Butchery will disrupt, challenge and inspire the next generation.