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Preorder:  Cold Kitchen: A Year of Culinary Journeys (Caroline Eden)

Preorder: Cold Kitchen: A Year of Culinary Journeys (Caroline Eden)


Available January 14, 2025

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From author of New Yorker Book of the Year Red Sands, a cozy, thoughtful food memoir recalling Eastern Europe and Central Asia from a basement Edinburgh kitchen, featuring delicious recipes.

“With its union of practicality and magic,” Caroline Eden understands a kitchen as a portal, “offering opportunities to cook, imagine and create ways back into other times, other lives and other territories.”

A welcoming refuge, with its tempting pantry, shelves of books, and inquisitive dog, Caroline Eden’s basement Edinburgh kitchen offers her comfort away from the road. Join her as she cooks recipes from her travels, reflects on past adventures, and contemplates the kitchen’s unique ability to tell human stories. This is a hauntingly honest, and at times heartbreaking, memoir with the smell, taste, and preparation of food at its heart.

From late-night baking as a route back to Ukraine to capturing the beauty of Uzbek porcelain, and from the troublesome nature of food and art in Poland to the magic of cloudberries, Cold Kitchen celebrates the importance of curiosity and of feeling at home in the world.