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Menu No. 7 by Brian Voll

Menu No. 7 by Brian Voll


The seventh cookbooklet in a series dedicated to dinner party menus. Each book contains a set of recipes for what could be a lovely party, including planning and pairing notes. Focusing on maximizing flavor while minimizing waste, the aim is to use ingredients that might otherwise be scrapped: lemon juice goes into one recipe, zest into another; egg white for one, yolk for another.

Menu No 7 is your guide to an atypical barbecue: elements you’ll recognize but with a few twists along the way: a cherry tomato salad with green cardamom; a spicy and aromatic dipping sauce for grilled chicken–or tortilla chips, or sugar snap peas, or really anything that can take a dip; and salty, zippy lemon bars made with preserved lemons.

No worries if you pick and choose the recipes that speak to you; they’re all wonderful and can stand on their own.

Flavor Profile
Smoke | Passion Fruit | Cilantro | Lime | Lemon

Dinner Party
Mezcal and Passion Fruit Cocktail | Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Cilantro, Scallion, and Lime | Polvo à Lagareiro | Cherry Tomatoes with Cardamom-Lime Yogurt | Grilled Chicken with Green Sauce | Preserved Lemon Bars

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