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mcnai Magazine Issue 02 TOGO

mcnai Magazine Issue 02 TOGO


We would like to explore the new possibilities of this once isolating concept of takeout. We want to re-examine takeout through the lens of mcnai’s DIY spirit as “a meal that can be customized.” In this issue we will explore the potential of to-go food as a dope culinary experience. We want to redefine to-go food as a creative and stimulating adventure. Afterall, nothing can extinguish the youth’s burning desire for a sublime dining experience.

mcnai magazine (est. June 2020) is a “food-inspired independent magazine.”  Based on our slogan “Food Culture for Youths,” we have designed and crafted magazines focusing on the unique joy dining experiences can bring. mcnai magazine does not solely focus just on food and dishes but also looks into the cultural context of food including the impacts of the atmosphere, background music, and people. We publish an unbound, A3 size magazine once every three months. Because the pages are not bound, they can also be used as decorative posters. In addition, our magazine issues are bilingual, so people outside of the Japanese-speaking world can also enjoy our content