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Life & Thyme Post: The Migrant Kitchen Issue, No. 10

Life & Thyme Post: The Migrant Kitchen Issue, No. 10


Spring 2022

This January, our Emmy award-winning series produced in partnership with KCET / PBS SoCal, The Migrant Kitchen, returned for its fourth season. For the first time, the series left California to travel across the country to get to know a new generation of chefs who are reshaping America’s culinary landscape.

But the stories told in The Migrant Kitchen are larger than what any 30-minute episode can contain, so we made this edition of Life & Thyme Post: The Migrant Kitchen Issue.

This issue serves as a supplement to The Migrant Kitchen, diving deeper into the stories of the season. Go into the inner workings of ranching and Black ownership with Lloyd Prince in Houston. Explore the battle for food sovereignty in Puerto Rico with Daniella Rodríguez Besosa. Get Chef Jon Yao’s guide to the San Gabriel Valley, and trace Slavic immigration to the U.S. through its cuisine. Embark on a foraging trip for morels in Portland with Karl Holl, and more.