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Escuela de Pastelería Vegana (Toni Rodríguez) Spanish Edition

Escuela de Pastelería Vegana (Toni Rodríguez) Spanish Edition


Toni Rodríguez has researched a lot about the techniques and processes of vegan pastry and shares them in this book.  All the recipes are the result of long research work that Toni has been developing with passion and dedication for more than a decade, being able to achieve unprecedented results without using any animal product. If you are passionate about pastry and want to learn innovative 100% vegan pastry techniques, you are in the right place!

The book includes more than 100 recipes organized into the following sections:

Basic preparations (homemade cream margarine, vegetable milk, pastry cream, homemade praline ...)

- Biscuits (walnut brownie, banana bread, lemon plumcake, muffins...)

- Viennoiserie (classic brioche, cinnamon rolls, babka, donuts, croissants, millefeuille, ensaimada...)

- Breakfasts and snacks (waffles, blueberry scones, flapjacks, anise rolls...)

- Cookies, sablés and cakes (honeyed cookies, chocolate, stuffed, polvorones, apple pie, chocolate cake ...)

- Macarons and petit-fours (Italian and French meringue macarons, ganaches...)

- Chocolate (35% white, 42% milk, rocher, truffles...)

- Pastry (peanut bomb, carrot cake, coulant, opera, Sacher, dacquoise...)

- Creams, custards and mousses (tiramisu, Catalan cream, pastéis de Belém, classic flan, Parisian flan, chocolate mousse...)

With photographs by Becky Lawton, all the preparations with more complex processes have been illustrated with step-by-step images.

Imported from Spain

Spanish edition