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Baby Tea Time (Judy Li)

Baby Tea Time (Judy Li)

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Juju is having a tea party! But the fun doesn't end there. Follow her enchanting, globe-trotting tea adventure with her friends Kenji, Nara, and Rice Cracker as they venture off to explore different regions of Asia discovering the tasty teas and treats of different cultures. Baby Tea Time is a rhyming story written in English and Chinese Mandarin. It includes pinyin and zhuyin to help readers learn Mandarin pronunciation.

The Chinese translation (although not a direct translation) captures the essence of the story while maintaining rhythmic verses. Like a song, it makes it fun and easier for toddlers to absorb, repeat and comprehend.

This book is ideal for children ages 3-8, but is also a great study tool for beginning to lower-intermediate Mandarin learners. “Baby Tea Time” celebrates Asian tea culture as well as children’s love for tea parties.

Available in traditional and simplified Chinese.

One of the bonus features in every Baby Tea Time board book you purchase is access to read-along audio files to help you and your child navigate the book in both English and Mandarin Chinese. To access the files, all you need is to scan the QR code on the back of your book.

The books are printed with soy ink, making them eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for kids.

FSC certified

7"x7" Board Book
26 Pages

illustrated by Grace Kelly Zhang