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Cypriana: Vibrant recipes inspired by the food of Greece & Cyprus (Theo A. Michaels)

Cypriana: Vibrant recipes inspired by the food of Greece & Cyprus (Theo A. Michaels)


A collection of over 80 recipes from popular TV personality and UK MasterChef alumni Theo Michaels; paying homage to his heritage through inspired by the flavors of Greece and Cyprus.

Theo's delicious recipes evoke a sense of connection to nature, seasonality, abundance, and sociable eating. Fresh ingredients sing from the plate, from juicy watermelon and glossy kalamata olives, to fragrant oregano-roasted lamb and delicate vine-leaf-baked branzino. Meze features mouth-watering small plates for sharing from creamy whipped dips to meatballs. The sea is woven into Greek culture and seafood is a staple; enjoy the freshest fish and shellfish cooked simply and served with a squeeze of lemon juice. Meat is a huge part of the Greek diet—rabbit, goat, chicken, and lamb are the mainstay, with pork enjoyed at Easter celebrations. Cooking over charcoal is part of daily life. The Cypriots use a large rotisserie famous for its souvla (long skewer), while mainland Greece make souvlaki and both charcoal grilled and oven-roasted dishes are included here. Greek yogurt, along with artisan cheeses (feta, halloumi etc.) can be eaten hot (saganaki) or shaved into vibrant salads and the traditions of 'horta' means there are plenty of vegetable dishes to enjoy. Finally, Greek desserts are often just a sweet note to savor with a bitter black coffee or come sundown you may prefer a Greek-inspired cocktail such as an Ouzo Sour.