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The New York Pizza Project (Corey Mintz, Ian Manheimer)

The New York Pizza Project (Corey Mintz, Ian Manheimer)

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The New York Pizza Project is a coffee table book documenting the heart and soul of New York City's last authentic pizzerias through photography and interviews taken over the last five years. The foreword is written by New York Times best-selling author, and native Brooklynite, Jonathan Lethem. The book, created and published by five 30-year-old native New Yorkers, is the first of its kind focusing not on the pizza, but the people and places behind New York City's favorite food. Over the past five years, the book's creators have visited over 100 pizzerias across the five boroughs taking photographs and capturing the stories of customers, employees, and owners. What started five years ago as a passion-project is now a Kickstarter funded, professionally designed and printed coffee table book. In May 2014, the team raised almost $30,000 on Kickstarter nearly double their $15,000 goal. The campaign became a featured project of the Kickstarter staff, and was featured in Gothamist, Village Voice, Time Out NY, Huffington Post, and NYLON. The project is ongoing! The team continues to hit pizza shops throughout NYC speaking with customers, makers, and photographing everything in sight.

*Not a cookbook