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Shopworn: A Splash of Soy: Everyday Food from Asia (Lara Lee)

Shopworn: A Splash of Soy: Everyday Food from Asia (Lara Lee)

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Shopworn Copies are final sale and may display slight cosmetic damages such as dinged corners, torn dust jackets and dented spines.   

From the beloved author of Coconut & Sambal, a cookbook on how to create authentic east and southeast Asian flavors at home using common ingredients, quickly and with minimal effort.

“Simple beautiful food to electrify the tastebuds.” —Meera Sodha

Lara Lee used to spend her afternoons wandering slowly through Asian markets, gathering ingredients for an impressive banquet meal she would make later for friends and family. Then her son Jonah came into the world, and everything changed. Time for shopping, cooking, and washing dishes drastically decreased. But Lara wouldn't allow her food to become lackluster or uninspired. In A Splash of Soy, she shares 100 recipes created to honor tradition but respect our time: every meal takes less than 45 minutes to prepare, cook, and serve.

Convenient as they are, the recipes in A Splash of Soy capture all the exquisite elements of Asian cooking: from the striking balance of sweet, sour, salty, umami, bitter and spicy, to the soft, slippery chew of thick udon noodles coiled in a heady, savory broth; from the contrasting textures of boiled eggs that have been deep-fried Indonesian-style-all smothered in caramelized sambal-to the delightful combination of hot and cold-as in Lara's Thai-inspired seared ginger and garlicky prawns accompanied by a hot and sour herb salad. Throughout the book, Lara offers shortcuts, tips, and tricks to help home cooks make these recipes mid-week.

Written in Lara Lee's signature voice and style, with gorgeous color photographs of her life and her food, A Splash of Soy is the must-have guide to easy, mouthwatering Asian-inspired cooking.