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Preorder: Bismillah, Let's Eat! (Zehra Allibhai)

Preorder: Bismillah, Let's Eat! (Zehra Allibhai)


Available October 1, 2024

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Welcome to Zehra’s kitchen, where good food, family, and nutrition meet!

Muslims from all around the world start each meal by saying "Bismillah" which means “I begin in the name of God”. Similar to the practice of saying grace before you eat, it is like a short practice of gratitude. In her first cookbook, beloved Toronto-based hijabi fitness influencer and coach Zehra Allibhai welcomes everyone to her table, sharing a new way to think about family food. Zehra’s own cooking evolution started in the kitchen with her Indian Kenyan family, expanded through culinary adventures with her husband, and grew again as a mother and fitness influencer. Her style of cooking is flavorful, accessible, wholesome–and above all–meant to be shared with joy. From her healthy spin on traditional dishes such as shakshuka and chaat to sumac chicken and lamb karahi, her renowned hearty salads, and treats such as the perfect one-bowl chocolate cake, Zehra makes being in the kitchen fun, easy—and incredibly delicious! With more than 130 recipes for every meal, and a healthy Ramadan guide for those who observe, Bismillah is a go-to for everyday dishes to satisfy the whole family.