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Pipette Issue 5

Pipette Issue 5


Released February 2020

96 pages of original journalism about natural wines alongside photography and artwork, Issue 5 is 96 pages and has been designed by Gianluca Cannizzo of My Poster Sucks and his wife Elisa.

Issue 5 features 2NaturKinder of Germany; Desrochers D of Quebec; Pācina of Tuscany, Italy; Marco Buratti of Veneto, Italy; Foradori of Trento, Italy; Tanca Nica of Pantelleria, IT; Jérôme Prévost of Champagne; Bar Cortijo in Spain; Caleb Leisure of Sonoma; Wild Arm Farm in New York State; and city guides to Milan, Turin, and Venice.

Pipette Magazine is an independent print magazine about natural wines, 3x/year, distributed globally. 

The magazine highlights small producers of natural wine, and the communities around them, through an edgy, contemporary perspective. We publish top quality, original journalism alongside unique illustration and photography.