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Paolo Brunelli: I am not a gelato. (Paolo Brunelli)

Paolo Brunelli: I am not a gelato. (Paolo Brunelli)


The latest book from the award-winning gelato and chocolate maker Paolo Brunelli, who is based in the Italian seaside town of Senigallia This book weaves together the life story of Paolo Brunelli (often referred to as the best gelato maker in Italy), with the events, people and ideas that have nourished and informed his passion for gelato. In photographs that reflect the artistry of his creative vision, gelato is presented as a medium that breathes, that is lit by experimentation, and goes far beyond the boundaries of what we think of as a simple treat on a sunny afternoon by the seaside. The author of two previous books on gelato, Paolo Brunelli has won numerous awards (best Italian ice cream award from the Italian guidebook Gambero Rosso for three consecutive years), and continues to evolve, experiment, and think about gelato. Text in English and Italian.