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Kitchen Work Number 9 Winter 2024: Home Cooking

Kitchen Work Number 9 Winter 2024: Home Cooking


Kitchen Work is a printed journal of food and the table, the pantry and the wine cellar, gardens and farms and markets, dining rooms and cafeterias. Stories from big kitchens and small kitchens, about cooking, the business of food and the state of restaurants, about family and friends and strangers. What and how we eat and drink.


From soup to nuts—from the conception of the colors, textures, smells, and flavors of a plate of food, through the procuring of ingredients, the preparation of a mise en place, and the culmination of merging complementary threads to the amalgam of a sumptuous whole—the gifts of making food are not only too precious to ignore; they are the very staff of life on this planet.

– Matt Straus –



I don’t remember exactly what happened with the sandwich contest. But I do recall how my first croque monsieur tasted, how the uncured pork provided a salty counterpoint to the creamy, nutty Gruyère. The crunch of the sourdough, coupled with the subtly sweet dash of nutmeg, transported me from my six hundred-square-foot apartment, which felt more and more suffocating as hours turned into days, weeks into months.

- Josh Martin -


Deep in a shoebox, among concert and ferry tickets, I find a photo of myself lifting a tangle of amaranth greens onto a plate on a balcony in Athens. Ella must have taken it on her cheap film camera. I look younger than I can believe I’ve ever been. The angle of the camera hides the other dishes on the table, but there is a gilt-head bream, tsipoura, baked with those generous scarred Mediterranean tomatoes you have to clean like fish to rid of their fibrous ribs.

- Jago Furnas -