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Limes (Corey Mintz)

Limes (Corey Mintz)


A compact paperback ode to a versatile, ubiquitous and inexpensive fruit, though until now, largely ignored as a central cookbook ingredient. With as little as a squeeze, limes have the uncanny ability to transform a dish. But food writer Corey Mintz takes them further and with a sense of humour, incorporating limes into soups, ceviches, salsas and more. Recipes are budget-friendly, approachable and mostly virtuous: Summer Corn Soup, Som Tam, Tuna & Tomato Ceviche. A few treats are tucked in, including a riff on Pok Pok Chicken wings, and a sinful recipe for Hot Donuts with a Lime Glaze. For good measure, a few refreshing cocktails close out this tight collection of 31 recipes. Kitchen tips and hacks are folded in and around the recipes, offering new cooks (and maybe some seasoned ones too) a few new tricks to play with, and some kitchen confidence to boot. Line drawings throughout add an extra, comic touch. 

This slightly larger than pocket-sized collection of recipes is part of an ongoing series of tiny tomes featuring under-appreciated ingredients. Published by Good Egg Books.