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Compound Butter Issue 12: Tradition

Compound Butter Issue 12: Tradition


Traditions, as a concept, are implanted in our minds from a young age—be it through family, school, religion, or any of the multitude of other avenues through which our thoughts and behaviors are shaped. They are present in our daily interactions with one another, often dictating how we connect with food, the environment, and beyond. The intrinsic nature of traditions make them feel both timeless and impenetrable—a feeling of have been and will always be. Our twelfth issue spans ancient rituals, self created holidays, dissections of family dishes and mysterious masked figures. Get ready to dive into our largest and most expansive issue yet.

Compound Butter is a biannual publication about food, art, and all the things in between. We feature work created by up and coming and creative folks from all over the world.