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Caldos / Broths (Richard Camarena)
Caldos / Broths (Richard Camarena)
Caldos / Broths (Richard Camarena)
Caldos / Broths (Richard Camarena)
Caldos / Broths (Richard Camarena)

Caldos / Broths (Richard Camarena)


Ricard Camarena has written "Broths, the Code of Flavour", one of the most eagerly awaited books on the gastronomic scene, explains how Ricard camarena has come transform the very foundations of of cooking itself. All the types of broths the cook uses to prepare his dishes are also examined; their key points are detailed and practicalexplanation is given via some of this Valencian chef's most iconic recipes. 

Ricard Camarena 
2 Michelin stars.
The empire of flavour is in Valencia 
Ricard Camarena Restaurant 
Canalla Bistro 
Central Bar 

The broths of Ricard Camarena 
The broths of Ricard Camarena 
Searching for clean flavours 
The logic behind defatting
With this dish, it all began 
Snail risotto without the snails 
Ripe mango, cold curry, herbs and seeds 
Roasted carrots, cream of salmon roe and coconut-cumin 

How to enhance a broth 
How to enhance a broth 
The flavour enhancers of a broth 
Fat as a flavour enhancer 
Aromatised fats 
Pesto as a flavour enhancer 
Purée as a flavour enhancer 
Wine, vinegar and juice as a flavour enhancers 
Wine as a flavour enhancer 
Salt and colatura di alici as a flavour enhancers 
Condiments as a flavour enhancer 
Index of recipes “flavour enhancers” 

Types of broths 
Macerated broths 
Practical application of a macerated broth 
Index of recipes “macerated broth”
Clarified broths 
Clarification enhances flavour 
Index of recipes “clarified broths” 
Before and after 
Unclarified broths 
The importance of the process in unclarified broths 
Index of recipes “unclarified broths” 
Thickened broths or ‘veloutés’ 
Reinvented velouté Index of recipes “veloutés” 

Alphabetical index of recipes 
Alginet beans, hake cheeks, spring onions andhake and tomato ‘velouté’ (2015) 
Aubergine, tuna rillettes and ‘toro’ (2014) 
Beef consommé with amontillado sherry and seasonal vegetables (2014) 
Beetroot, fresh milk, red fruits and dill (2014) 
Biscuit mousse, strawberry infusion and coconut sorbet (2007) 
Brined hake, baby broad beans, spring onions, tomato and hake ‘velouté’ (2014) 
Buttery onion ribbons with anchovy and coffee (2014) 
Cherries, almond shot and bitter almond cream with a cherry, eucalyptus and coffee infusion (2015) 
Cold and slightly spicy squid and cucumber salad. Cold squid and cucumber consommé (2013) 
Consommé of hare, avocado, celery and dried bonito (2014) 
Creamy rice with horn of plenty mushrooms and saffron milk cap mushrooms and savoury (2014) 
Dry rice with rabbit and green beans (2016) Fat-glazed beef slices in a chilli sauce (2016) 
Glazed mackerel with pickled onion sauce. Roasted sweet potato, lemon and black pepper (2013) 
Green fig, vanilla, elderflower vinegar and Fondillón (2013) 
Iberian pork shoulder, eel and peanut sandwich (2013) 
Marinated baby artichokes with rosemary, yuzu and artichoke ravioli (2014) 
Pan-fried langoustine and courgette with langoustine, shiso and passion fruit sauce (2013) 
Parmentier swede with gelatinous octopus and truffle glaze (2007) 
Pickled peas with chervil (2013) 
Rice with asparagus, fresh yeast and oxidised Manzanilla sherry (2015) 
Rice with barbecued sardines (2009) 
Roasted courgette skin confit with beef dripping filled with steak tartare, ricotta cheese, strawberries and capers (2014) 
Russian salad-style meagre tartare (2016) 
Shoulder of kid with carrots and herb velouté (2014) 
Shredded sea bass with adobo sauce, potato and parsley (2015) 
Slightly spicy orange, eucalyptus and chervil salad (2013) 
Spicy soup of red prawn, fennel, lemongrass and chile de arbol peppers (2015) 
Stewed hake cheeks in a beach herb ‘velouté’ (2014)
Stewed morels with marrow cream (2007) 
Stewed peas in a briny pea pod sauce (2007) 
Stewed peas with pesto (2015) 
Sweetbread, mustard, spinach and tarragon sauce (2015) 
Tomato infusion, salt-cured bonito and herbs (2016) 
Valencian oyster, avocado, sesame seeds and galangal ‘horchata’ (2012) 
Veal, mustard and tarragon rice (2014) 
Warm vegetable medley with escabeche ‘velouté’ (2009) 
White asparagus, salmon and coconut (2014) 
Young hake in amontillado sherry sauce (2006)
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