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Stacy Michelson Jonathan Gold KCRW Good Food Tribute

Stacy Michelson Jonathan Gold KCRW Good Food Tribute


From artist Stacy Michelson:

Los Angeles was heartbroken with the untimely death of Jonathan Gold. Any foodie knows what he did for restaurants, food trucks, hole-in-the-wall spots, and the people who ran them, worked in them, ate in them, and Los Angeles as a whole. I am a huge fan of KCRW's Good Food, which Jonathan had a weekly segment on, and I loved hearing him each week. After the news of Jonathan passing away, I spent the whole next day re-listening to his reviews from 2017 and made this illustration as my tribute, with some of my favorite lines. The backstory for this is that I owed Jonathan this illustration... In 2017 I illustrated every episode of the show for a personal project, but didn't include any of J Gold's reviews. I met him in May when we judged the KCRW Good Food Pie Contest together and he knew who I was and said he liked my art. He also told me he knew I didn't draw any of his segments and seemed a little disappointed by that. I apologized and explained why I didn't and asked him if he was waiting for me to draw one and he said "well, yeah". It was really sweet and sincere and I told him I would do that for him. I hadn't gotten around to it by the time he passed away, so this is for him. When I posted this to my instagram (@stacymichelson) page the love poured out from fans, and a lot of people asked for a print. So, this is for him, this is for me, this is for everyone who loved him and all he gave Los Angeles and the food world.


  • Printed on matte, museum-quality, durable, archival paper
  • 12x16 inches
  • Signed
  • Shipped flat