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La Merenda Italiana : con i migliori salumi d'Italia (Sabatino Sorrentino)

La Merenda Italiana : con i migliori salumi d'Italia (Sabatino Sorrentino)


With over 400 types of bread and 700 cured meats to choose from, Italy takes its charcuterie seriously. This landmark project documents and catalogs the majority of cured meats produced in Italy, giving visibility to a sector that is unique in the world for quantity, variety, and quality. Italian charcuterie traditions vary widely from North to South but the combination of artisanal cured meats and wonderful bread is a favorite choice of a snack for everyone. Here are fried cake with Busseto culatta, Tuscan bread with finocchiona, Campana soppressata, mafalda and Sicilian cold cuts; only a few examples of dishes made with Italian-made charcuterie. This illustrated book highlights a typically Italian cultural and productive diversity in this sector: different cultures, different merendas. It showcases the Italian charcuterie brand through the lens of the classic merenda, highlighting a ‘Made in Italy’ product that aims for recognition on the scale of Italian fashion, wine, music, and art. This book is the result of 10 years of work in the field, created with the support of the Guida Salumi d’Italia. Text in English and Italian.